feed the hungry

protect mental health

provide clean water

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Inspire. Ponder. Encourage. Wonder.

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We can print on just about anything! Let us know Words and Items you want on our Custom Requests form. There is no obligation to buy.


Love the design. Product came to our house quickly! (Faith 4 x 6 Print)

James S, Georgia

Love these encouragement cards! We all need to be encouraged! (4 x 6 Collection)

Krista G, Oregon

Charities you support with each purchase

Donation/Business Model

When You Word believes that people should have access to healthy food and clean water. We also know that mental health is in danger and needs protection. Therefore, we are automatically donating $1 per item purchased to the charities located below. You can choose from the three charities below at checkout, or divide equally among the three.

OneGenAway feeds them.
The Refuge Center keeps them mentally healthy.
Charity : Water makes sure they have clean water.

We are looking for a couple more great charities to partner with in these areas of mental and physical health If you know any, let us know.

We also believe in automation and full transparency.
So, here's a breakdown of how it works using 50 small prints / cards purchased as an example:

$1 collected for each item purchased. $50 total.
Pledgeling is the app that automates the donation. They get $5 (that's how they KTLO (keep the lights on)).
The credit card company gets $1.65 (2.9%). That's how VISA has commercials on TV.
This Shopify ecommerce platform gets $0.30. That's how us small businesses are competing with the big dogs.
The charities get $43.05. That's how they transform lives.
So to be fully transparent, for each item purchased, the charities get 86 cents.

Let's look at this from your perspective.
You bought an art print for $3.50 (plus shipping and taxes. The government or UPS gets those.)
$1.50 goes to the company that printed it.
$1.00 to When You Word
$0.86 cents to a great charity
$0.14 cents to Pledgeling.
And the reason you read all of this.....
OneGenAway turns that $0.86 into $13.76 worth of food. Another way to think about it...for every 86 cents you donate, they provide 5 meals to people in need. See their story here.
Charity : Water also uses your money wisely. See more
The donation from those 50 cards enables The Refuge Center for Counseling to provide a free hour of counseling.
See more about their impact