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The world needs love. Social media can be negative. Counteract that with LOVE. Let's flood social media with pure love! And win free merch!

To get our hearts ready for Valentine's Day, let's have a Coloring Contest. Process and Rules and Winners and Free Merch details below.

To play:

1. Download and print the "love" coloring sheet from here.
2. Color it. Flourish. Embellish it. Make it look good! Don't stop until you are proud. 
3. Click a pic of your great work and post on Instagram and/or Facebook. You must tag @whenyouword in your post. 
4. Encourage your friends to both Like and Comment your masterpiece. Tell them to share Love far and wide on social media. 
5. Last day to post is Valentine's Day. Contest ends on February 14, 2021. Winners chosen on Monday night, Feb 15, 2021. 

To win: 

Get the Most Likes and/or Most Comments on Instagram or Facebook. 2 platforms. 2 winners on each one. Free "Love" hoodie to each winner. 

Another category of winners will be those with stories behind their artwork about love. To enter this category, direct message us on IG or FB with your first name, age, and your backstory about love. This can be a text message or a video. You can also email us:

If you want to go through the checkout process, you will get a download link, but the checkout requires a shipping address and you have the chance to sign up for the newsletter. There is no charge for this product.