Custom Requests

This form collects information for custom requests. There is no obligation to buy. Just ask, we will create a sample you can see in our store. And if you like it, you can buy it...or work with us to tweak it so that you Love it! 

For best results, give us as much information as you can below.

  1. Words. Exact text. Tell us what the important words are so we can make them pop in the design. If it is a Bible verse, consider giving us the Bible translation you want us to use. 
  2. Symbols. Describe pictures and symbols to be included. (you can provide links to them if you want). 
  3. Style. block letters, calligraphy, graffiti, script, playful, serious, etc. Do you want us to draw it, or use fonts available on computer to design it? 
  4. Item to print on. What you want us to print on. (hoodie, poster, and so on). You can see one of the catalogs we can print from here. (We also have other vendors. If you don't see what you want, just ask). 
  5. Colors. If it is apparel, let us know colors you want to be made available. You can choose 5-8-10 or so. 
  6. Timeframe. When do you need it. 10-14 days is about the fastest we can have it at your doorstep. 
  7. Anticipated order volume (if it is a lot, we can get a serious bulk discount). 

Anything else that we need to know to deliver to your expectations. 
Thanks for collaborating with us.