Feed the Hungry - One Generation Away

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Feed the Hungry - One Generation Away

One of my friends jokingly asked, "who are these hungry people When You Word is supporting with art sales?...your three kids?" I laughed. No, 10% of profits from art sales goes a charity named "One Generation Away, "commonly referred to as OneGenAway. 

The organization is top notch. Here's an excerpt from their website (www.onegenaway.com):

Everyone in America should have access to healthy, good food. OneGenAway is a non-profit 501(c)3 that works to bring fresh, healthy food directly to people in need. We strive to eliminate food deserts in the low income neighborhoods in America.

I met the founders through a close mutual friend. And they are the "real deal". Chris and Elaine moved to middle Tennessee to pastor a church. They were so convicted about ending hunger that they stepped out on faith and began rescuing food from grocery stores and giving it away to people who need it. They are a dynamic couple who could accomplish just about anything together and have chosen a path that is astounding. 

They do something simple, but it takes a lot of coordination. They rescue food stores and give it away, no questions asked. Cars line up for hours to get a trunk full of fresh, healthy food. 

One Gen Away is popular. They are growing at a fast rate, providing food here in Middle Tennessee as well as in Florida, where they went after a hurricane hit (and they did not leave soon after!) The approach was so appreciated, local people are volunteering and sustaining the effort and feeding the hungry. 

This is a top notch organization that cares about humans. When Chris goes into the back of grocery stores to rescue food, he amazingly knows the names of the workers at each store. One Gen Away knows how to improve the human condition for the people it serves and partners with. Volunteers are better for it when they get involved. 

You can get involved with an upcoming food distribution. See their site for an upcoming one. You can donate online. You can help to ensure that the next generation, the “OneGenAway” won’t have a food problem where people go hungry. You can get a food distribution set up at your school or church or business. You can do what Chris and Elaine did. You can step out in faith because it is the right thing to do. 

At When You Word, we are rarely hungry. There is food in our fridge. Think about being really hungry and not having the means to buy food to eat. 


At When You Word, we are inspired and encouraged by OneGenAway. We ponder what the world would be like where no one goes hungry and perfectly good food is not wasted, but eaten by those who need it most. We are in awe and wonder at people who could prosper financially doing something else, but have chosen a more meaningful path. A path that serves others at one of their greatest points of need. 

Learn more at www.OneGenAway.com


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