When You Word Newsletter (February 2021)

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When You Word Newsletter (February 2021)

When You Word - Born in January 2021

When You Word was born on January 6, 2021. In a month, we've gained 177 followers on Facebook. Thank you for your support. Help us get to 1000 by sharing this newsletter. You can also follow @whenyouword on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. We are in the top 20% of Shopify Shops that have launched this year! Thank you for helping to make that happen. 

Coloring - not just for kids! 

Initial feedback from our customers and followers indicate that people enjoy coloring our designs. In response to that, there are three free coloring sheet downloads in our Love Collection. Share these with your adult coloring friends, schools, churches, kids, and craft groups.
  • Any of the three designs can be used to enter our coloring contest. Move quick. Contest ends on Valentine's Day. See details here
  • The Covid Hearts one emerged as a response by a friend who lost her dad to covid. Interesting backstory, you can read here.

Inspire. Ponder. Encourage. Wonder.

Inspire, Ponder, Encourage and Wonder are four important words. They are also a process we follow. Here's how we use it (and how you can use it as well). 
  1. Inspire. Find a source that inspires you. Something that gets you excited. A wellspring that feeds your heart, head and soul. 
  2. Ponder. Think about big and small problems in this world. Don't ruminate for too long. Pick one and get to work on it. 
  3. Encourage. Find a way to encourage someone based on what you are inspired by and the problems you've chosen to work on. 
  4. Wonder. Never lose your childlike wonder. With problems, imagining "what if..." can be powerful. Curiosity can also make you feel alive. 
At When You Word, here's how this process is playing out. 
  1. We are inspired by virtues and verses and words and lyrics. We look for the ones that seem to pop up over and over. Love and Joy have been recently recurring. 
  2. We have pondered problems big and small. We've settled on two areas of health. People should not be hungry for healthy food. Mental health is under attack. We will help on both fronts. We are attending a seminar to learn more about  mental health later this month. 
  3. We are encouraging people who like to color. We are sending cards to our followers. We wrote a note to our pastor thanking him for his leadership, along with a small token of appreciation for recent words of wisdom to have defiant joy in these times. 
  4. We wonder in this new business venture and in our drawings. A recent one was reminiscent of the old fashioned wooden roller coasters. Another one looked like something we call "Dr. Suess tubes"

One Generation Away Update

OneGenAway is alive and active and giving away food on a regular basis. The organization thrives with volunteers and donations. Check their calendar for a food distribution near you. You can donate here

Looking ahead

  1. March. The Irish word for "health" is sláinte. It is a common toast on St. Patrick's Day. We are looking for other "health" and "toasts" and "cheers" words and phrases. 
  2. April - Easter. A plethora of Tulips. 
  3. May is National Mental Health Month in the United States. 


We thank you for your support. Kindly help us to get the Word out about When You Word. We are excited about the future as we feed the hungry and protect mental health. We'd really appreciate it if you comment and share on social media...just click one of the links below. 

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