Battle Covid with Hearts, Hands, and Wings

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Battle Covid with Hearts, Hands, and Wings

Woke up today with plans. Then, one of my sister's friends posted about her father's recent death on her FB. She asked to share the Word and for us creatives to respond. 

Here's her post verbatim. We all mourn losing a loved one. We're inspired at her response to that.  


It's been just shy of two weeks since my father died of CoVid. I have to say that it has been a rather surreal experience. I'm guessing that I'm not the only one who has lost someone to it that feels this way. There's this weird thing that happens when you hear the numbers coming through the tv or the radio and you realize your person is one of those numbers.
And even though, that number just in our country is over 400, somehow feel alone in your experience. It's hard to unite in a pandemic it seems.
No doubt though the hardest part of losing someone to this is not being able to be with them. It seems incredibly unnatural and unfair, but I certainly respect the reasons for such protocols.
I will never in my lifetime know how to not only repay the frontline workers who took care of my father and made sure he did not die alone on their watch, but I don't even know how to appropriately thank them.


I realized through all of this that I couldn't find any kind of "symbol" or "awareness logo" for what's happening right now. Not so much awareness to the virus, but awareness to the emotional component of all involved, especially our frontline workers. These symbols aren't just for awareness, they help us unify and connect to others. I thought more about it. Thought about what that symbol should be. I saw in my head, the obvious heart....for all the broken hearts of loved ones and love being dosed out in the care of the nurses and doctors. I saw a wave in that heart representing how this virus crashed on our world, the heaviness in the weight its victims feel in their very chests as it seemingly takes their breath from them.....the wave of emotion in all affected. Sometimes in that wave I saw a hand. The fingers in its curl. The hands holding the hands of the ones we love when we could not.
And then when the one side of the heart was full and I thought I was finished....I realized in the other side I saw a wing. The wings of the angels protecting the infected, too often the wings of the angels greeting them, and of course the wings of the angels those lost soon become. And then my heart was full.
I want to encourage you to take the "logo" Hearts, Hands, & Wings that @The Yellow Hedgie created from my very sketchy sketch and made it perfect...and share it. Use it as your profile pic....share its story and it's purpose. Be a part of uniting and take a bit of the loneliness out of all this.


To all my creative friends, I have a challenge for you!!! Whether you stitch, or sculpt, or photograph, or draw with pencils or paint wjth a can....create your version of the CoVid Heart. The Hearts, Hands, and Wings....create it and post it and encourage your other creative friends to do the same. Think of it as a card of encouragement and empathy that you can share with the whole world!!!
Note that the purple and teal heart is not When You Word's work. It is beautiful and the work of @TheYellowHedgie. 

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